Set Custom Options for Customer Groups

1. Log into the website's administration panel.

2. Go to "KC:Web Settings" on the left-hand menu.

3. Go to the "Customer Groups" tab.

4. Select the Customer Group you want to add the option to.

5. Enter a name for the option into the "Option" field. This should not have spaces it in and should preferably be in camel-case.

6. Enter the value for the option into the "Value" field.

7. Click "Save Changes" to save the new message.

Adding / Removing Config Options

You can add new message lines by clicking the "Add Config Option" button, this will add a new line where you can enter a new option against the Customer Group:

To remove a config option, click the bin icon next to the option line:

Adding / Removing Customer Groups

You can add new customer group lines by clicking the "Add Customer Group" button, this will add a new line where you can select the Customer Group and add options against it:

To remove a Customer Group, click the bin icon next to the Customer Group line:

Example: Setting a Minimum Order for Trade Customers

As an example of how to set a custom option, we will set a minimum order total for Trade customers.
To do this we will setup a new config option called "min_order" and set it to the value we want Trade customers to exceed when they place an order, as follows:

This setup will force any customer that has a Company Class of "Trade" to exceed £1200 worth of items when they place an order.
This is one of the in-build config options, and will work out of the box, but others will likely need implementing within your website in order to take effect.
If you would like a new config option implementing, get in touch with the Khaos Control Web team.

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