Add a Video to a Product

Videos will only display on a product page if your theme supports it. If you are unsure if your theme does support this, or if you would like it adding, please contact us.
- Log into Khaos Control.

- Click on "Stock" in the left-hand menu.

- Search for the product, such as through the Stock Code, and double click on it to open the product.

- Click on the 'other ctions’ menu, and then on "User Defined Attributes".

- There are 3 UDAs per video, which are all include a number, so for example the first video would be Video1, the second Video2, etc:

- Video1: The contents of this UDA depend on which video service you are using to host the videos:
Vimeo: If you are using Vimeo, you will need to place the entire embed code in this field, which should include "<iframe" in it.
YouTube: If you are using YouTube, you will need to place the video’s URL into this field.
Video1Description: This should be the description of the video, to be displayed when it is playing.

- Video1Title: This should be the title for the video, to be displayed when the video is playing, and as a title attribute on the video link.

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