How do I add Products to my website?

See the following article for help with product setup: Product Requirements

How do I add Categories to my website?

See the following articles for help with setting up your Categories:
Category Requirements
Setup a Category Structure

Why is my Khaos Control showing unconfirmed orders and what should I do about them?

The website will create unconfirmed orders within Khaos Control as soon as someone adds an item to their basket, the unconfirmed orders are then used to build up an order. If the unconfirmed order is against the "Internet Not Logged In" customer this means that a guest user, who hasn't logged in yet, has adding items to their basket.
Upon returning to the website, the user will be presented with their unconfirmed order that they left behind so they can continue their order.
Unconfirmed orders do remove themselves if all items are removed, it is best practice to leave these unconfirmed orders within Khaos Control and DO NOT DELETE UNLESS REQUIRED.

What about unconfirmed orders with promotions applied?

The website will automatically remove old promotions past their expiry date and items that are discontinued with 0 in stock, upon the basket being reloaded by the user eg// they returned to the website.

I've updated my System/Category data but it's not updating on the website?

It is sometimes necessary to cache data on the website that isn't changed very often such as category descriptions and system data. These caches are auto renewed after 10 minutes, but may cause some issues when testing/changing certain data, to renew the cache simply log into the CMS, go to KC:Web Settings > Tasks and run the "Clear Cache" task (more information here: Tasks)

My discounted products have a 1p difference when added to an order

If you are experiencing rounding issues within your website, this normally means that there is a setup issue with your price lists, etc.
Please ensure that all calculation methods for products/orders are the same and not mismatching, all of them should be either GROSS or NET, not a mix of the two.

How do I setup multi-currency prices?

The best way to setup multi-currency prices is to setup a price list for each currency which contains the prices in the required currency, so for example a £5.00 product would have a Euro price list entry of 5.50, as that is the equivalent cost in Euros.

Why isn't my blog post showing / accessible?

If you can't directly access your blog post's URL, then you probably don't have the "Has Own Page" option enabled within the "KC: Web" page options, all you need to do is edit the blog post in the CMS, scroll down to the "KC: Web" options section and tick the "Has Own Page" option, then re-save your blog post.

My products aren't showing for non-UK customers

If you have the "Country Specific VAT" option enabled in Khaos Control, under "System Values", but don't have country-specific tax rates setup, then products won't display for customers in those countries without tax rates. You can either disable the "Country Specific VAT" option, or setup tax rates for each country.
To setup tax rates you will need to add a new entry in "System Data" -> "Tax Rates" for the specific country, and then go into "System Data" -> "Level 2: Stock Type" and right-click on each stock type and click "VAT Rates", then add the new tax rate for the country in question.
We have a SQL statement that can be run directly in the database to speed up setting the VAT Rates against stock types, so you can contact us about using that once the required tax rates have been setup.

What is a Web Slug?

A "Web Slug" is a populated against products and categories, these are used as to construct part of the webpage URL for navigation purposes. It's worth considering that these web slugs are also used in Search Engine Optimisation to produce clean URLs which is an important ranking factor.
For categories, if you go into the Web screen, where the web category structure is setup, the "Web Slug" is in the "Meta" tab.
For products, the field is in "Telesales/Internet" -> "Secondary" tab.
For example, if a product has a web slug set to "example-product" then the URL would be "https://www.website.com/product/example-product/".
More information on the Product screen can be found here: https://support.khaoscontrol.com/wiki_kcx/index.php?title=Stock_Detail_Telesales/Internet_Secondary_Sub_Tab
More information on the Categories screen can be found here: https://support.khaoscontrol.com/wiki_kcx/index.php?title=Stock_Web_Categories_Categories_Tab

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