Error Reporting

If you are contacted by a customer who has had an issue on the website there are a number of things that would be helpful to find out:
  1. What device were they using? (iPad, iPod, Windows Desktop, Mac, iPhone, etc)
  2. What version of the Operating System do they have, if known? (Windows 10, iOS 9, Linux, Android etc.)
  3. What browser were they using? (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc)
  4. Where on the website is the error begin experienced? (checkout shipping stage, basket, category page, product page, etc).
    Noting down what the URL is might help here, if they are still on the page.
  5. Was the customer logged into an account, or using the website as a guest?
  6. Has the customer cleared their cache? Did that help?
  7. Did they receive an error message?

A screenshot/photo of the issue or video may help us identify the issue (if possible)
Once you have collected as much information as you can, email us at, and try and include any relevant customer URNs and/or sales order codes.

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