Dynamic Packs

Khaos Control Web has a plugin that enables Dynamic Pack functionality, which allows your customers to build their own set of products from the available options.
This can be used to allow customers to create their own gift sets, customised pushchair, custom suits, and many other things.

If you would like to include this functionality within your website, there will be an initial development cost, as well as an ongoing annual. If you would like more information, please contact the Khaos Control Web Support team.


Here is an example of the basic layout for a Dynamic Pack page, it shows each option that is setup in the CMS as a collapsible element, which shows all of the options within it:

Customisation of this layout is possible as part of the development cost to implement the functionality within your theme.
An example of customisation would be to have a large image of the product, which has elements that are swapped out when a choice is made. You can see this type of customisation in the example video below.


Here is an example of a dynamic pack page being setup in the CMS:

You can setup categories in the Web screen in Khaos Control that will be used to store the product options for each part of the pack, in the above example these are "Shirt", "Jacket" and "Trousers" categories. Alternatively you can setup a single SCS product for each option, and store them in a single category.

Functionality Example

Here is a video showing an example of a dynamic pack page being used:

The theme used in this video has a customised layout for the dynamic pack, which includes overlapping images for each of the options, as well as a larger version of this overlapping image set, which will update as options are selected.

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