Feature List

The following is a list of all of the current features available with Khaos Control Web.
Please note that adding any of the additional features or payment integrations to your website may incur development costs, such as for integration into your website's theme.

Core Features

  1. Real-time product pricing, including promotions and price lists.
  2. Real-time order handling.
  3. Real-time stock levels.
  4. All of your important data is stored within Khaos Control, so no data duplication or syncs are required.
  5. Smart caching, including support for WEBP image generation to improve load times.
  6. Localisation support allows your customers to view the website in multiple languages.
  7. Multi-currency support allows your customers to see prices in multiple currencies.
  8. Enhanced security to prevent common threats, such as session hijacking, session forgery, code injection, unauthorized access, and brute force attacks.

Additional Features

  1. Email Manager: Allows you to view and resend any emails sent via the website.
  2. Affiliate Feeds: Provides an XML feed of the website's products for use with third-party integrations such as Google Merchant Centre.
  3. Product Reviews: Allow customers to leave product reviews. These reviews can be moderated before being published to the website.
  4. Enhanced Ecommerce: Sends ecommerce data to Google Analytics.
  5. Facebook Pixel: Sends data via the Facebook tracking pixel when a customer adds a product to their basket or checks out an order.
  6. Search Assist: Give customers suggestions for spelling errors when searching for products.
  7. 2 Factor Authenication: Allows your CMS to be protected by two factor authenication via a randomly generated code.
  8. Guest Checkout: Allow customers to checkout without having to create an account on the website.
  9. Feefo: Integrates with Feefo to display product reviews left via their service.
  10. Product Questions: Allow customers to ask questions about products via the website. These questions can be published to form an FAQ style help second on the product page.
  11. XML Sitemap: Provides an XML sitemap of all of the website's URLs, which can be submitted to Google, etc.
  12. Wishlists: Customers can create multiple custom lists of products.
  13. Free Gifts: Provides improved handling for free gift products, including automatic removal from the basket if the triggering product is removed, or if it is the last product on the order.

Advanced Features

  1. Reward Points: Customers can pay for an order using reward points gained from previous orders. This can be set to a maximum percentage of the order if required.
  2. Back in Stock Notification: Customers can signup to be notified when a product comes back in stock. The signup and data handling is done via Mailchimp, so an account is required.
  3. Google Shopping: This is a direct integration with Google Merchant Centre, and sends product data from the website to update your product listings.
  4. Order Import: Allows a customer to import a CSV file in order to generate a sales order.
  5. KPAF: Allow customers to lookup UK and US addresses via post / zip codes. A lob.com account is required for US address lookup.
  6. Mailchimp: Syncs products and orders to Mailchimp as well as handling subscribing and unsubscribing customers to mailing lists.
  7. Quotations: Convert sales orders from certain countries to quotations, so that delivery costs can be manually calculated, and then allow the customer to pay for the finalised quotation via the website.
  8. Statement: Allow customers to view and pay for their outstanding invoices via the website.
  9. Standing Orders: Allow customers to create standing orders via the website, including setting up different products on different days. This integrates with Khaos Control's standing order functionality.
  10. Suggested Products: Show a list of suggested products as the customer types in the search field.
  11. Custom Pack Builder (Dynamic Packs): Allow customers to build their own custom product, such as a pushchair, selecting from a list for each piece of the pack.
  12. Change Notifications: Be notified when a customer changes an address, add rules to stop orders processing until approval.

Payment Integrations

  1. Account payment
  2. BACs payment
  3. eKashu CreditCall
  4. PayPal
  5. Opayo
  6. WorldPay Corporate
  7. Deko
  8. Omni Capital
*Please note that features and payment service provider integration may be charged at an additional fee. 

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