Product Requirements


In order for products to display and work on a Khaos Control Web website, the following must be done:
  1. You must add your product to the web config screen and ensure it it in the correct 'website' within Khaos Control see:
  2. The product must have the standard fields completed, such as Stock Code, Description, etc.
  3. Stock Controlled (under the Options tab) must be ticked for normal products, and unticked for SCS parent products
  4. Item Discontinued (under the Options tab) must be unticked
  5. Publish to Web (under the Options tab) must be ticked
  6. The product must have a unique Web Slug (under the Telesales / Internet tab, then the Secondary tab within that)
  7. The "Launch Date" must be either not set or set to a date that has passed in order for the product to appear on category pages

Product Images

In order for images on a product to display on a Khaos Control Web website, the following must be done:
  1. The image file should be placed in a folder on the web server, and the file added to the product in Khaos Control via a network mapped drive on the Khaos Control server (under the Telesales / Internet tab)
  2. The image must have an Image Type of KC:Web

International VAT Rates

When switching currencies on the website, you are using different customer records in Khaos Control such as 'Not Logged In Euro', 'Not Logged In USD'. Please ensure that the Tax Rate via 'Stock > Accounting > International Tax Rate' is setup accordingly to avoid confusion when items are calculated in the basket. For more information see:

Other Notes

Run to Zero products that no longer have stock remaining will not be automatically removed from the website, and instead will be shown as "Sold Out" (depending on your theme)
If product is discontinued with 0 in stock, the website will not allow this to be added to a basket.
You can temporarily hide items via the 'hide on menu' option in the web config screen

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