Enabling Stripe Capture (Pre-authorisation)

As well as Stripe taking payment straight away when a customer checks out, you can also enable payment capture which checks the customer has the funds but holds it in their bank account to be transferred later (Pre-authorisation). 

This is handy for charging customers once the order has been shipped – allowing additions to be added to the funds if requested. Funds can be authorised (money transferred to your bank account) via Khaos Control either by using ‘Authorise Credit Card’ within Sales Order > Payments tab or within the Sales Invoice Manager > Authorise Payment stage.
By using payment capture, it’s important to note that funds are not taken from the customer until a later stage.

  1. Stripe currently stores payment capture for approx. 7 days as standard, this means that the payment must be fully authorised 7 days after being captured.
  2. Not all payment methods allow capture, although Stripe does not show a list of unsupported payment types. 

Enabling The Functionality

Enabling the functionality is a two-step process:
  1. Ensuring your Stripe account can handle MOTO transactions
  2. Enabling in Khaos Control and Khaos Control Web

Ensuring your Stripe account can handle MOTO transactions

Check whether MOTO payments are enabled on your account by signing into your Stripe account 

and navigating to: 


If this shows ‘Page Not Found’, then MOTO payments are currently disabled and will need enabling 

through the following steps:

  1. Ensure the account has a verified mobile number (https://stripe.com/docs/phone verification-for-cards).
  2. Enable the integration settings as before, accepting responsibility for direct handling of card 
  3. details (https://dashboard.stripe.com/account/integration/settings).
  4. Contact Stripe and ask them to enable MOTO for your account 
  5. (https://support.stripe.com/?contact=true will open a webchat). They may ask additional 
  6. security questions.

Enabling in Khaos Control and Khaos Control Web

This functionality is additional and require you to contact the Khaos Control Development Team to start the process. 

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