What’s New


- Bug fixes and some stability improvements.


- When loading the basket page, or when changing a basket item quantity, the site will now check if the product can be ordered, and if it exceeds the available stock.

- We've added a config option to disable this if required.


- We've re-worked how the category structure is loaded to vastly improve the performance of larger sites.

- We've made a number of other minor tweaks to improve performance.

- We've added multi-currency support.

- We've improved the multi-language functionality to make it easier to translate your website without needing 3rd party plugins.

- We've added support for reward points.

- We've added functionality to allow customers to share wishlists.


- We've made stability improvements, as well as more optimisations for how the plugin performs.


- We've added this welcome screen to keep you up to date.

- We've added in a new Widget for displaying the remaining amount required to get free delivery on an order. This is also multi-currency compatible.

- We've made further improvements to how the temporary caches work, which should improve load times and user experience.

- We've made futher improvements to how the localisation works, allowing you to create translations for the default Theme files within the plugin as well as those overridden within your Theme.