What’s New


- Change to due dates to allow for better control over which are used, including a new config option to allow for restricting to only the Order Site's dates.

- Fixed a number of issues with the cache plugin, allowing for a more consistent updating of pages.

- Improvements to the v2 cookie banner to allow for a different style of cookie banner.

- Added more config options to allow for more control over the website.

- Added a back in stock notification plugin that will handle customer signup/notification via a Mailchimp list.

- Fixed some issues with translations.

- Added support for digital product sales.


- Improved when the cache plugin stores cached versions, and when it clears them.

- Fixed some issues with the robots.txt file.

- Improved the Payment Logs CMS page to make it easier to use.

- Improved the Email Manager CMS page to make it easier to filter emails.

- Fixed an issue with the guest checkout sending the customer to the start of the checkout if they viewed a terms and conditions page, etc.


- Fixed a number of issues with the Utypia integration.

- Implemented a caching plugin that will serve cached versions of pages to guest customers with no basket.

- Added webp support as part of the caching plugin, which will serve optimised versions of images to browsers that support it.

- Fixed the issue of not being able to add the same billing and shipping addresss.

- Added a robots.txt file to help prevent wasted crawling time.

- Added better Euro support for the eKashu integration, allowing for different accounts to be used for Euro orders.

- Added more options to the Google Shopping Feed, allowing for more customisation of product data.

- Other small bug fixes and stability improvements.


- We have totally reworked how customer and order data is loaded from Khaos Control, which should resolve the inconsistent issues with guest baskets being lost.

- Improved the session and basket recovery for customers returning to the website.

- Fixed the issue with duplicate contacts being created when registering.

- Improved the address matching to reduce the number of duplicate addresses that may be created.

- We've stream-lined a number of elements of the back-end code.

- Improvements to the Google Shopping Feed which include reworking how products are loaded, changing how SCS child products are handled, fixing a number of bugs.

- Added options to the Paypal plugin that allows the website to maintain the delivery address and/or delivery email address, rather than using those provided by Paypal.

- Improved the messaging for critical website errors.

- Added option to disable ordering on the website, should a temporary issue require this.

- Other small bug fixes and stability improvements.


- Bug fixes.

- Improvments to how SCS products are generated, as well as an optional improved front-end variant selection for larger products.

- Improved the cache manager.

- Improved the front-end AJAX form submission, so it only requests the required content.

- Added reCaptcha support on Product Reviews and Questions to reduce spam submissions.