What’s New


- Made improvements to the multiple Khaos Control plugin to fix some potential security issues and to better handle transfering orders.

- Added customer returns functionality, so customers can generate returns via the website.

- Added statements functionality, so customers can pay off invoices via the website.

- Improved the reCaptcha support on registration, to allow for none-JS users to still register.

- Added support for US address lookup (this will need enabling for your theme, and an account with lob.com is required).

- Improved how variant products are loaded, to speed up product load times.

- Added in a custom block to the CMS editor, to more easily replicate the Bootstrap grid system.

- Changed how often the product suggestions are updated, to prevent old products showing up.


- Improvements to SagePay and order completing.

- Fixed an encoding issue for contact forms.

- Fixed some issues with the Utypia integration.

- Fixed a bug that would cause Mailchimp to be disconnected when saving the Mailchimp settings.

- Fixed a number of minor php warnings.

- Fixed an issue with getting a-level product/order data if the stock feed is down.

- Added in some extra config options for disabling a-level product/order data lookups.

- Added a quick order widget that allows for displaying a number of products so the customer can bulk add them to the basket.

- Fixed a rare issue that would stop products loading on a category page.

- Improved the caching plugin to handle loading background images as WEBP files.

- Added extra logging to help with debugging in various areas.

- Improvements to the Ekashu payment plugin, including a bug where the bank ID wouldn't be passed to Khaos Control.


- Added a plugin that will allow for importing an order from a CSV file.

- Fixed some issues with the multiple Khaos Control instance support.


- Added support for forcing specific countries' orders to be coverted to quotes, and functionality to allow for paying for these quotes.

- Added recaptcha to the account registration pages to help prevent bot registrations.

- Fixing some issues with number formating causing price comparisons to return incorrect results.

- Added in some parsing for product and category descriptions to remove disallowed tags.


- Made significant improvements to the payment plugins to separate them from the main plugin/API, and allow us better control over various functions within them.

- Further optimisations to how the API works.

- Added options for sending various emails for Product Reviews, such as admin emails when one is submitted, thank you emails to the customer, etc.

- Improvements to the payment integrations to fix a number of issues with customers not getting order confirmations, duplicating orders, etc.

- Added options that allow for customising what Courier Groups are shown to customers, to allow for restricting delivery options to certain countries, classes, etc.

- Fixed some issues for various payment integrations.

- Added support for multiple instances of Khaos Control.