What’s New


- Changed product quantities to allow for decimal places.

- Made improvements to the invoice payment plugin to allow for setting a payment type as well as better handling of multiple invoices.

- Made improvements to how hash codes are updated during AJAX calls.

- General improvements to speed, etc.


- Completed code changes to make it compatible with PHP 8.

- Added the functionality to have standing orders for customers, including the option to pause and unpause the standing orders.

- Modified the way that county and state options are switched, to allow for setting state/province on other required countries.

- Fixed an issue with Paypal for non-US countries that needed a state/province weren't sending it through.

- Fixed an issue with Opayo if the email address on an address was blank.

- Added the functionality to get product stock levels from a supplier.

- Fixed an issue with the search suggestions.


- Fixed issue with log clearing using the incorrect dates.

- Added auto task to clear down old task logs, to prevent issues with overlarge sets of logs.

- Fixed some issues with eKashu error messages.

- Fixed an issue with timezones not matching BST when generating dates.

- Added the functionality for customers to close the shipping warning banner for 24 hours.

- Added the functionality to remove a single keycode, rather than only all of them.

- Added support for preferred addresses.

- Added option for using a different bank account for USD and Euros with Paypal.

- Made changes to make sure the code is compatible with PHP 8.

- Added email to notify website admin of new account registrations.

- Made changes to how the search pluralisation and singularisation works to return better search results.

- Fixed some issues with the caching plugin to allow for better handling of CSS.


- Updated how A-Level data is loaded from KC to make it more easily adaptable.

- Bug fixes.

- Added optimisations to reduce the number of config lookups the KCW API makes.

- Fixed mini-baskets loading delivery methods.

- Fixed an issue with Opayo vendor IDs in the website database.


- Added an option to allow for returning the SCS parent product in search results rather than the SCS child product.

- Added support for Opayo VPS Protocol 4.00.

- Fixed an issue with spaces at the end of search queries.

- Added an optional plugin for analysing keyword density on the website.

- Added an exclusion UDA for the back in stock notification plugin.

- Bug fixes.

- Improved how breadcrumbs are generated to allow for customing what is shown, such as showing the stock code rather than name of a product.

- Fixed an issue with the order of variants.

- Fixed issue with address element lengths for Opayo VPS Protocol 4.00.

- Added support for Address Line 3 (Locality) for Opayo VPS Protocol 4.00.

- Fixed issue with looking up products via stock code.

- Fixed issue with title case URLs (e.g. "Category" rather than "category") not loading correctly.

- Added support for multiple sales order notes.