What’s New


- Improved support for multi-kc instances to allow for any number of instances.

- Added in option to allow for filtering certain categories out of the product breadcrumbs.

- Renamed "Customer Group" to "Company Class" to better match up with Khaos Control.


- Added handling for up to 10 category levels.

- Added in caching for the category menu items.

- Code optimisations.

- Added a Google Index plugin for collating Google Search Console data.

- Added a warning banner if a customer has cookies fully disabled.

- Fixed an issue with filter options.

- Added functionality for front-end Two-Factor Authentication.

- Added a config option to allow for restricting the maximum quantity of any single item to prevent huge quantities on unconfirmed orders.

- Added better handling for SCS parent products being added to sales orders.

- Added option to allow for checking a guest checkout email address and forcing the customer to use their account if it exists.

- Added option for custom positioning the messages banner within the theme

- Added an option for filtering orders by Sales Source in a customer's order history.

- Improved handling for multiple special offer prices.

- Added functionality to handle automatic Purchase Order creation, if it is setup in Khaos Control.

- Fixed an issue with available pack quantity being inconsistent with KC.

- Added functionality for UDA filters to work as "AND" rather than "OR".

- Fixed an issue with special offer end dates triggering at the wrong time.

- Improved the recovery for orders on a checkout failure.

- Added functionality to allow for clearing individual page caches.

- Moved the Slick Slider library into the main plugin so it is available for all themes.

- Changed the Shipping Warning Banner to be a text area, allowing for multiple banners to be added via line-breaks, which will be displayed as a slider element.


- Significant changes to how prices are calculated, including support for the Force Lowest Price option in KC, and fixing some issues with price list Net values.

- Significant improvements made to the cookie concent banner, including adding more options for restricting when GA or Facebook are triggered, as well as allowing the user to manage which cookies they allow.

- Fixed an issue with email verification on registration.

- Improved caching plugin.

- Fixed an issue with search suggestions.

- Fixed an issue with product filters.

- Improved the messaging to the customer for discontinued products.

- Added an option to control if the website should check the KC instance on order confirmation to fix an issue with multiple KC instances.

- Improved the Test Payment so that it creates a unique ID per transaction, to prevent issues when testing.

- Added in filters for redirect URLs to prevent redirecting to certain URLs.

- Improved the speed of loading category search results.

- Improving Feefo integration to better handle timeouts, etc.

- Fixed an issue with updating delivery dates.


- Added extra filters for min and max weight to the delivery method filtering.

- Changed the bogof matching to allow for multiple parent products.

- General improvements to the code, as well as some minor fixes for persistent errors.

- Improved static content loading.

- Modified when address update messages are displayed during checkout.


- Changed the statement payment calls to allow for passing an auth code as part of the payment data.

- Implemented a large amount of optimisations to speed up the website.

- Added caching for CMS option loading, to speed up subsequent loading of the same option.

- Added a bogof plugin to help with quantity matching, etc for buy one get one free products.