Accessing Translations

You can access the Theme Customise by going to “Appearance” -> “Translations” on the left-hand menu.

Available Options

Here is how you should match up the Category / Product data in Khaos Control to the fields in the CMS.

Title: Category / Product Web Slug. This is used to match the Product / Category with the translation.

Main Content: Category / Product Long Description.

Product / Category Name: The name of the Product/Category.

Product Web Teaser: The web teaser for the Product.

Product Comment: The comment for the Product.

Category Short Description: The short description for the Category.

Languages: Select the language you would like the translation to apply to.

How to add a translation

- Start a new Translation.

- Enter the Product / Category Web Slug into the title field.

- Select the language you want this translation to be for.

- Enter the translated Long Description to the main content area.

- Enter the translated Name, Web Teaser, and/or the Category Short Description into the fields provided as required.

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