Accessing the Tasks

You can access the Data Syncs page by going to "KC:Web Settings" -> "Tasks", on the left-hand menu.

The Tasks

You can manually run each of these tasks by clicking the "Run Task" button.

Generate Sitemap

This task will automatically regenerate the XML Sitemap for the website, and will repopulate it with Static Content, Pages, Categories, Products, etc. It may be useful to set this up as a scheduled task if your Products change a lot, so search engines are kept up to date.

Clear Cache

This task clears the Khaos Control cache completely, so everything will be loaded directly from Khaos Control, and re-cached. This task should not need to be run often, and should not need to be run via a scheduled task, as it is mostly for resolving issues with the cache.

Clear Logs

This task clears the older error, etc logs that are being stored by the website. This is part of the GDPR-compliance for Khaos Control Web.

Populate Product Suggestions

This task populates the product suggestions table, which is used when looking up products to display when a user enters a search term.

Clear Product Suggestions

This task will clear all the product suggestions.

Export Orders to Feefo

This task will export all outstanding orders to Feefo, if you have set up the connection to your Feefo account.

Auto Tasks

Some of the tasks are setup as auto tasks and can be triggered by clicking the "Run Task" button for the "Run Auto Tasks" line.
You can also setup a scheduled task to trigger the auto task URL to allow the auto tasks to be automatically triggered based on their schedule, for example the "Generate Sitemap" task will trigger every 24 hours.
NOTE: You will need to pass through the "token" parameter and the correct token as part of the auto task URL to correctly access the URL.

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