Accessing the General Settings

You can access the General Settings by going to "Settings" -> "General" on the left-hand menu.

Available Options

Site Title: Set the Site Title, which is used as a default part of the meta title for pages on the website.

Tagline: Set the tag line for the website. This should be a short explanation of what the website is about.
NOTE: The tag line will only be used if your Theme is setup to display it on the front-end.

Email Address: Set the email address that should be used by Wordpress for admin purposes.

Timezone: Choose the city which should be used as the basis for the timezone the website operates in.

Date Format: Set the date format to be used by Wordpress.

Time Format: Set the time format to be used by Wordpress.

Week Starts On: Set which day the week starts on, to be used by Wordpress.

Site Language: Set the site language.

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